Supplier feature: CSV Export & Import


Using Elvenda, it takes about 5 minutes to get set up as a supplier. First, you need to register an account, and add a store.

We’ll automatically import your product catalog if you connect your API.

The next part is the (used to be) painful part – setting up your:

  • List Price – the price a dropshipper buys from you
  • Minimum Sell Price – the cheapest price a dropshipper is allowed to sell a product
  • Recommended Retail Price – the full recommended price that a dropshipper should typically sell for

Now, it’s super easy to export a CSV file, enter the values you want to use, and re-import the CSV file.

Oh no, look at all that missing data!

Hit ‘Export to CSV’ in the toolbar on top of products to export a CSV file. You can open this in Excel or Numbers on Mac.

Make the changes to the CSV file that are needed. The quickest way to do this is to decide on a formula that will allow you to be profitable, and apply the formula to the whole sheet.

Don’t forget to set your stock count as well while you’ve got the file open, to cut out another manual step later.

Save the file back to CSV, and hit “Import from CSV” in the toolbar on top of products.

We’ll import the CSV, and update your product catalog with the new information you’ve supplied.

Too easy! Products available for sale.

We’re working to make Elvenda easier for suppliers and dropshippers all the time. If you’ve got a feature request, reach out to us at [email protected] to get it on the roadmap.

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