Setting up dropshipping with WooCommerce


We’re Elvenda, a dropshipping integration platform for online stores. You can use Elvenda for WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and traditional old CSV + email.

In this article, we’re going to set up dropshipping on WooCommerce.

Dropshipping is useful to help you get an ecommerce presence set up quickly and get in the business of selling.

You can also turn to dropshipping to pad out an existing ecommerce store, for sellers with only a few niche products.

Dropshipping with WooCommerce is a pretty straightforward process – follow the tutorial below to get up and running in about 10 minutes. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced with WordPress you should be able to get set up.

What’s the end result?

When we’re done, you’re going to have a WooCommerce store, with real life dropshippable products listed and ready to sell.

Strap in, we’re makin’ a store.

There’s no cost to set up at any stage of the process, including to list and sell dropshipped products.
You just need to purchase products from the supplier when they sell.

Step 0 – Set up a WooCommerce Store

This is step 0, because you’ve probably already got a WooCommerce store. Feel free to skip ahead to step 1 if you do.

If you don’t, visit FastComet and set up a site on a free trial. It’s free for 1 month, no credit card required, and only took about 5 minutes. Perfect to show you how this is all going to work!

You really do need a domain.
“” isn’t going to convert customers well.
$0.00, the price is right!

FastComet will send you an email with a username and password. Use that to sign in to your admin panel (e.g. mine is at

Before we can proceed to the actual dropshipping with woocommerce steps, we need to install and enable woocommerce.

From the WordPress admin panel, Visit ‘Plugins’ on the left hand side and click ‘Add New’.

In the search bar at top right, type ‘WooCommerce’. Install and Activate WooCommerce.

There’s a bit of a process here to finish getting WooCommerce set up, mostly entering your country and currency and things like that. I’m going to skip over it since it’s pretty user-friendly.

Make sure you fill it out properly if you’re setting up a real store. It’ll save you a ton of work later by configuring Stripe (credit card processing) and Paypal properly for you.

next, next, next, finish

Shipping – Shipping should always be free. When you dropship with WooCommerce, the supplier factors shipping into their pricing.

There’s no need for you to charge shipping on top (and really, it’s not very honest..)

At the end of the wizard, you’re finished!

Step 1 – Setting up dropshipping with WooCommerce

If you followed step 0, you’ve now got a WooCommerce store set up and ready to go.

If you didn’t, hopefully you’ve got a WooCommerce store ready to go 🙂

We’re going to create an account with Elvenda, our b2b dropshipping platform that connects suppliers to dropshippers (you).

Visit, and start creating an account.

On the next screen, enter the name of your store and the exact URL of your WooCommerce store (without /wp-admin or anything on the end).

Make sure to choose ‘Sell products from other stores’, and ‘WooCommerce.

If you’re not sure, take a look at the screenshot below.

Hopefully Elvenda has some great bags for me to sell.

Once the form is filled out, check it over again and click ‘Connect to <my store name>’.

WooCommerce will ask to give us permission. Have a read of the permissions and click ‘Approve’. In practice, WooCommerce just sends us a notification when you receive a new order, so we can get it fulfilled.

Once we have a link to your API, you’re ready to look for products to add to your store. We’ll redirect you back to Elvenda, where you can click ‘Explore Supplier Directory’.

Click ‘Explore Supplier Directory’

Step 2 – Adding products to your WooCommerce Store

Quickly recapping, we’ve set up a WooCommerce store in step 0, and linked Elvenda so we can dropship with WooCommerce in step 1.

Now, we just need to add some products.

Browsing the product directory, we can see a wide range of products for sale (over 2000 at time of writing).

Looks like these guys sell bags.

If we click ‘Pioneer Gear’, Elvenda will show us all the products that Pioneer Gear can ship to customers for us.

Click ‘Sell on My Store’

Click “Sell on My Store” to add the bags to your Elvenda product list. It won’t sync to your store until you tell it to.

On the left hand side bar, press ‘Products’ to visit your Elvenda product list.

Back to products view

Now, we can see the product is ready to sync to your store. Hit ‘Sync products to <my store name>’ to send the products to WooCommerce.

Don’t worry, there’s a final step before the item is available to your customers.

Step 3 – Listing dropshipping products for sale

Back to your WooCommerce store now. Visit ‘Products’ in the left hand side toolbar.

Look at that! With a couple of clicks, your store is showing backpacks from the supplier! Note that the backpacks appear as ‘Draft’, which means they aren’t visible to your customers yet, and not available for purchase.

It’s up to you now when you’re ready to actually list the product for sale. It’s good at this stage to check you’re happy with the product images, make sure the product descriptions suit your sites language and tone, and double check the RRP is suitable for your store.

Note: Be careful, your RRP MUST NOT be below the supplier minimum sale price. We all need to work together to protect sales margins. This stops the amazon effect, where a dropshipper with economy of scale kills the margins in product lines by loss leading.

When all’s well, click on the product title to open the product detail page. Click ‘Publish’ (right hand side, bottom) to make the product available for sale.

What’s next?

We’ve set up a store, set up Elvenda, added a product, synced it and made it available for sale.

We know it’s your first time dropshipping with WooCommerce. You should keep reading to see what happens when an order is placed with Elvenda. We’ll follow it all the way through.

Placing an order

Now we’re going to place a real order with the store we just created – to see how it flows through to the dropshipper.

I’ve added a bag to my cart, visited checkout, paid, and received my order confirmation.

A user has purchased a backpack from my store for $109.99! Now I need to make payment to Elvenda of $82.49 (the supplier list price), so the supplier can ship my bag to the customer.

Once you sign in to Elvenda and make payment, we’ll release the order to the supplier to fulfill.

The supplier will not be paid until after the order has shipped.

They’ll now receive the order in their back-end order processing system automatically and make the shipment to the customer. They have a 48 hour window to process and ship the order, or cancel and refund the order.

The supplier has shipped your order.

48 hours after the order has shipped, we’ll release payment to the supplier for the order.

Anything missing?

If this article didn’t get you completely set up to dropship with WooCommerce, let me know where you got stuck!

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