Oberlo alternative: Elvenda improves on the formula in 2019.


What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a Shopify dropshipping plugin. It’s super easy to install on a Shopify store and add products to sell from suppliers all around the world. Elvenda is an Oberlo alternative.

It’s relatively cheap from a dropshipper perspective, and it’s heavily integrated into Shopify for a pretty seamless experience.

We’ve launched Elvenda, and we think stacks up really well. It’s live in Australia, and we’d love to hear from you if you’re around the world and want to try our dropshipping platform in your country.

What’s wrong with Oberlo?

Firstly, the market needs a good Oberlo alternative. We know, because we were looking for one when we started building Elvenda.

We built and run a small successful e-commerce store, and want to fill out our catalog with seamlessly dropshipped products. There was nothing on the market for us until we build Elvenda!

A big pain point with dropshipping is the low quality of items and the low quality of customer experience. Often, stores hide that products are dropshipped from a world away in China. Returns and warranty are sketchy at best.

Long shipping times kill the customer experience. They create a support burden for your team. They guarantee that the customer won’t leave a positive review, and certainly won’t return for another purchase.

Lastly, Oberlo only works for Shopify. The market needs something like Oberlo for WooCommerce, Oberlo for Neto, Oberlo for Magento.

What is Elvenda?

Elvenda is our take on dropshipping in 2019 – what will serve the market today? We know dropshippers run on thin margins. We know dropshippers get less opportunity to make a good impression on the customer, and less of the pipeline is in their control.

Elvenda is an automated, drop-in dropshipping tool for ecommerce stores. It’s built to quickly connect to your store. Choose the products you’d like to sell, and we’ll upload them to your store.

The integration will listen out for orders containing an item that needs to be dropshipped, and send you an invoice for payment. The supplier ships the item out to your customer within 48 hours, and everyone has a great experience!

As the dropshipper, you can rest assured we’ll handle the order fulfilment pipeline. You can concentrate on finding customers, improving sales and conversions, and creating a great buying experience.

What has Elvenda improved?

First of all, we’re actively talking to both suppliers and dropshippers. We’re listening to the pain points experienced through the whole e-commerce supply chain and doing our bit to make it easier. We’re reading what people say online and we think we’ve come up with a great, improved Oberlo alternative.

Products dropshipped from China
NOT on Elvenda.

Brand protection

The biggest thing we hear from suppliers is that they need to protect their margins and their brands. What do we mean by this? If a supplier sells a product with retail price of $299, and sells to dropshippers for $149, the market is killed overnight if the dropshipper starts selling the product for $175.

We’re on-board with the suppliers here. It hurts us all if we race to the bottom. Suppliers specify a minimum sale price on their products. We won’t accept an order if a product is sold below it’s minimum sale price.

In the example above, the supplier sets their minimum sale price to $279, and knows their brand is protected, while still being able to participate in dropshipping (and the additional revenue that is generated).

Control of sales channel

This is slightly related to brand protection above. Suppliers like to know who is selling their products and how. We’ve built in the ability to suppliers to require approval before allowing a dropshipper to list a product for sale.

How is this good for a dropshipper? It means we can list higher quality products and brands, and suppliers can ensure that dropshippers are keeping the high standard of customer service needed by their brands.

We’ll hide the supplier list price from the dropshipper until approved, to protect trade information.

Management and reporting of suppliers

Elvenda strictly captures turnaround times for all stages of the order processing pipeline. As a dropshipper, this is an important metric for you to consider when weighing up a new product to sell on your store. Does the supplier usually ship on the same day? Within 24 hours? Just within 48 hours? We report the metrics to you.

Accordingly, If a supplier regularly slips on 48 hours or rejects orders, we’ll cut them off. The whole ecosystem of dropshipping can only be strong if we keep the customer experience at front of mind.

We’re only asking high quality, proven suppliers who already understand e-commerce to join our platform.

Quality control

Dropshipping has earnt a bad name over the years. From talking to both suppliers and dropshippers, we’ve identified three factors:

  • Low quality product
  • Low quality customer experience
  • Complicated workflow

We’re working hard to find solutions for all 3 of these factors. We’ll keep tuning the platform to make sure we keep product quality high and customer experience high.

Requirement no. 1, and the best reason why Elvenda is a legitimate Oberlo alternative – all suppliers must be on-shore.

Elvenda strictly does not allow shipping from outside the country of sale. There’s no 2 week waits for goods from China. If you’re an Australian dropshipper, you’re only allowed to list products available on-shore at Australian suppliers.

The old way: Hopefully your customers iPhone case is on there.

We track shipping turnaround times and package arrival times (when available) to enforce this as strictly as we can. We’ll continue improving this, and we’re open to ideas! We want to change the reputation of dropshipping one order at a time.

Available on all platforms

Elvenda is a modular system for all ecommerce platforms. You can dropship with Magento, dropship with Neto, dropship with WooCommerce. You’re not just stuck to Shopify anymore.

As a supplier, it’s as simple as connecting your store, importing your products, and assigning list prices, minimum sale prices. If you’d like for dropshippers to apply to sell your products, that’s fine. We’ve got CSV upload options for suppliers without an ecommerce operation or who would prefer not to connect our API.

As a dropshipper, simply connect your store and start browsing the merchant directory. When you find products you like, add them to your store. When a sale is made, we’ll automatically find it through our integration and send you an email requesting payment to the supplier.

If you’ve been looking for Oberlo for WooCommerce or Oberlo for Neto, give Elvenda a go. It’s a great alternative.

Simplified workflow

As I mentioned above, we run an ecommerce store. We’ve run other ecommerce stores in the past.

The single question we ask whenever a new platform comes across our desk is ‘how much work will this be’?

With Elvenda, we’ve designed the platform to plug in to your ecommerce system. Elvenda orders appear as regular orders. Payments are all automatic. Suppliers fulfill the order like any other.

Responsive development team

We’re going to give dropshipping a good name again. Send us an email, and let us know what you think will make life easier for you as a dropshipper. We’re working hard to make sure this is a ready to go, drop-in solution to expand your online catalog.

How much does Elvenda cost?

You should refer to our Elvenda Pricing page to get the most recent pricing fact sheet.

Elvenda is completely free to get started (no setup costs), and free to sell products to be dropshipped. As a dropshipper, it’s all free. There’s also no ongoing costs to list products on the platform as a supplier.

Elvenda is completely free for dropshippers.

What does this mean?
Firstly, if you are a supplier, you can sign up to Elvenda and list your products for sale today, for no cost.
If you are a dropshipper, you can sign up to Elvenda and add products from Elvenda to your online store today, for no cost. If you make a sale today, or 100 sales tomorrow, or no sales ever, Elvenda will charge you absolutely no fee.

We’ll charges the dropshipper only when an order has been placed and paid for by a customer. As the dropshipper, you’ve already charged the customer for the order at time of checkout. Then, you’ll pay the supplier the list price of the product through Elvenda. We’ve automated this process, so it’s super easy!

Finally, when the dropshipper makes payment to the supplier, the fee we charge a supplier is automatically deducted before it arrives to the supplier.

Pricing compared – Oberlo

We’re discussing Elvenda as an oberlo alternative, so we should quickly cover that off.

Oberlo pricing is $29.90 per month for up to 500 orders (whether they have Oberlo orders in them or not!) and $79.90 beyond that for a dropshipper.

Let’s say your average order value is $50, and you fulfill 50 orders per month. Oberlo will cost approximately 1% of your gross revenue.

Let’s again pretend your average profit margin is 10% on a sale… Oberlo will take a 10% slice of your profit whether the order contains an Oberlo item or not!

Try Elvenda – it’s risk free dropshipping.

Create an account today at https://app.elvenda.com/register and check out our supplier directory to see what kinds of products we’ve got available in the market of your store.

We’re a free Oberlo alternative, so there’s no reason not to give it ago!

If you’d like to find out more, send us a quick email. We’re super responsive.

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