How To Use Facebook Pixel For Your Business 


Are you looking for new ways to help grow and expand your business? Facebook Pixel is an option you may have heard being thrown around on occasion but haven’t had the power or knowledge to use it for your business. If Facebook is something your target audiences use, it’s more a necessity rather than a want in today’s day and age. So let’s get down to it.

What Is Facebook Pixel?

Pixel was created by Facebook and is a tool that is used to help you to collect data from conversions on to help you better optimise ads and build targeted audiences for future campaigns. This also helps to give you the ability to retarget previous customers to help increase your overall sales.

A small section of code will need to be added to your website to help track the conversions and it works by triggering cooking to track your users’ movements online. It will show you how users are interacting with your website and Facebook ads.

Why Facebook Pixel Is Important For Your Business

Facebook Pixel is important for your business because it helps to give you more accurate data and will help make ads on Facebook more targeted, so you spend less money. This is called conversion optimisation which will be beneficial for both you and your customers. Customers who have taken actions on your website or ads can later be tracked into segmented groups, meaning you can focus on the people who care about your business and what you are offering them.

It is also important for you because it helps to collect customer data that you can be using to better understand your customer’s behaviours and patterns. When running a business, our biggest aim is ensuring that our customers are happy and the amount of money we can save.

It’s also important to note that studies has shown brand building is extremely important when trying to build trust with a customer. By using Pixels to retarget your customers, it is displaying your message or products to them more frequently. They say customers need to see your advertisements seven times before making a purchase as part of the “Seven times factor” but recent studies have shown with the increased exposure to online advertising, it now takes on average of 14 times before a lead will become a customer.  

In summation, it’s great for learning:

  • Learning about your websites traffic
  • Optimising delivery and targeting leads most likely to take action
  • Creating customised segmented audiences from your website
  • Measuring cross device conversion
  • Targeted cart abandonment
  • Access to more tools and analytics

Setting up your Facebook Pixel can be a complex thing if you aren’t tech savvy or are unfamiliar with setting code on your website. For this reason, we would highly recommend speaking with your developer and asking them to add the code on every page of your site. It will be much faster for them to place it on the system and there is less chance of you breaking anything on your page! Just provide them with the Facebook pixel code found within your business managers page. You will need to ensure it’s activated

Go to business managers page and type in pixels, or go to the events manager to find the option to create your pixel.

Facebook Events Manager

Select the create pixel option, where you will then select the ad group and website.

Create Facebook Pixel
Install Pixel

You can then select the manual option, follow the prompts suggested. This option requires you to add the line of code on to every page of your site.

How to install it

If you select the alternate option, you will be required to set up pixels through the platform you use. For this example, we’ve selected wordpress.

Connect your Account

From here it will take you through the steps of adding the plugin on to your site and the general set up. Again, it this seems a little daunting, your developers would be more than happy to assist you with this.

How To Measure Its Effectiveness

You can measure the effectiveness of campaigns through Facebook Pixel by analysing data and looking further into the information provided. You can compare the cost per click and the click-through rate of the campaigns in the business managers page, comparing this month with last months. Data such as this will show you where to put more money and what works best for your business in areas of Facebook marketing. Ensure that your customers are receiving the effective frequency of views before completely dismissing if this was a success.

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