How to set up split testing on Facebook


Facebook has a number of features that it’s customers have no idea about or haven’t completely grasped and understanding of what they do. We are aiming to assist you set up your own split testing campaign on Facebook to help better your conversions or gain new customers through lead generation campaigns.  

What is split testing On Facebook

Split testing on Facebook is a way where you can set up ads that are similar, with slight variations that are targeted to your selected audience. It is set up through the backend of the Facebook business manager system and can be used for a number of different ad groups, to suit your next campaign.

Some areas you may be looking at testing would be to see which audiences perform better, which image has a better conversion rate, or what call to actions lead to a better click through rate! The concept may seem daunting at first, but once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to go back. When Facebook is doing the testing, the algorithm ensures that it does not overlap audiences.

Just like science, it’s important to have a control in which you will then test against different variable to see which performs better for optimum results! You can also apply this method to your website, not only your social channels.

Why is Split Testing On Facebook Important?  

Split testing on Facebook is so important for your business because it helps you save money in the long run. By running split tests, you’ll be able to see which types of ads your audiences are reacting better with or what type of ad campaigns work best with which demographic.

  • Better insights
  • Eliminating guesswork
  • Better cost per click
  • Increased revenue
  • Maximising visitor traffic
  • Maximising visitor engagement
  • Creating better content

How To Set Up Split Testing On Facebook

To start setting up your split testing, you begin in the business manager section of your account and select campaign. You then will need to select from the following the type of campaign you are hoping to create.

Facebook split testing

For the sake of testing, we are going to run an engagement campaign, to have increased likes on our post. After selecting engagement, we scroll down and set a campaign name and select the A/B testing option.

Facebook split testing

You will then be required to select what you are wanting to test, if you want the budget to be split evenly and the duration. You will also be required to pick between the variables which are audience, creative, delivery optimisation and placement.  

Facebook split testing

Generally you will make sure both tests are different from ad sets A and B. Normally to get a more accurate result, it’s best if the budget is split evenly between the two. You will then ad the images and finalise the contents of your ad before publishing.

How Long To Split Test

It’s recommended to run a split test for around 3-4 days without editing the post or before deciding which campaign was more effective. The Facebook algorithm is complex and can require a little more time to successfully test which was more effective. It’s also important to take into account other variables such as your daily budget and the countries you are targeting. These different criteria will affect the success of your campaigns.

Analysing Split Testing Results On Facebook

When going through and analysing the results of the campaigns, you should be able to see one clear winner. If your aim was for increased customer conversions, which performed better? If you were after increased audience engagement, which received more likes and comments on the post? Did one has a more significant click through rate than the other?

It’s important to sit down and think about why you think the campaign didn’t perform as well as you’d like and ways you could improve it in future. You could then make those changes and start a new campaign comparing it against your new changes and the previous winner of the campaign. This is just one of the ways to can continue to grow your business and have better performing Facebook advertisements.

When To Change Ads

When you start to notice a decline in the number of people reacting to your ad, it would be the perfect time to start A/B testing again. The reason for this is because after some time, your customers may start to experience ad fatigue. Ad fatigue is where views no longer react or engage with you post, and it’s no longer standing out. This would be where you would begin your split testing again to better improve your ad performance.

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