How to drop ship without damaging your brand


With its rise in popularity drop shipping has gained a certain notoriety cheapening brands. The cause of this comes from the influx in drop shipped products coming from Chinese suppliers. These results in long shipping times to customers and a decrease in quality of products arriving to these customers.

Be selective of what stores sell your products

The stores that sell your products can reflect on your brands’ image. So being selective of who is selling your products. Allowing your product to be sold on every store that wants to then you will be cheapening your brand. That is why Elvenda gives suppliers complete control over who can sell their products; drop shippers that wish to sell your products must apply to you.

Things to look for in applying drop shippers are, do they fit your niche? For instance if you are a premium bag supplier and the drop shipper sells electronics, then they are not a good fit for your brand. Other things to consider is the quality of their website. A well built website and well designed website can reflect well on your brand. If their website is frustrating to use then users may correlate that with your brand.

Be exclusive

While you may want to have your products on as many stores as possible. However over availability of your products can devalue your products. There is no exact number of stores that you should be selling on, it can vary between the particular brand, the product type and the quality of the stores already listed on.

Provide the seller with marketing material

Supplying your sellers with some of your marketing resources and a marketing guideline ensures that your brand is properly represented. This could include professional shots of your products or video snippets. A marketing guideline should include appropriate use of your marketing assets, colours and fonts.

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