How is Elvenda different to traditional dropshipping?


When you think of drop shipping you probably thinking of a lot of administration work. This as well as scaling issues are the main drawback to drop shipping. Traditionally dropshipping involves a whole lot of communication between a retailer and supplier, from order details, product information and finances.

Elvenda eliminates all these draw backs. We aim to make the entire process from listing a product, making a sale and shipping a product painless. The best way to accomplish this is to create as little procedural disturbances. This is done by fulling integrating with your existing ecommerce platform.

The first pain point Elvenda fixes is the exchange of product listings between a dropship supplier and retailer. With the ability to export ALL of your products to elvenda with the click of a single button. Then from a seller, being able to import directly into their store with also a single click. This means no waiting on product assets of copy, no need to communicate, it all just happens with a click from either side. A supplier only needs to set up their products with pricing breakups once.

The second and usually most ongoing critical pain point is the management of orders. This normally requires constant communications and reconciling on both ends of drop shipping. But in Elvenda the process is rather simple:

  1. A customer makes a purchase on the retailer store (Store A) of a product that is imported from Elvenda.
  2. That order is then generated in Elvenda for the supplier(Store B), where the supplier can accept or reject the order(rejecting requires a reason).
  3. Once the order is accepted by the supplier, Store A has 48 hours to make payment to Elvenda. Store A keeps their cut of the sale.
  4. Once payment has been received the order is imported into Store B the same way as if the order was placed directly on Store B.
  5. Store B then Ships the order to the customer and provides store A with tracking information.

The whole idea behind this process is to introduce as little extra steps as possible to the current order flow in a business. Where traditional drop shipping can be considered time consuming an unproductive, Elvenda should be considered as a risk free, painless additional sales channel.

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