Getting up and running with Elvenda


Elvenda is an Australian dropshipping platform, designed to easily connect suppliers (or dropshippers, as they are commonly known) with ecommerce storefronts.

We’re focused heavily on Australian dropshipping for launch, so we’re only open to Australian suppliers and Australian storefronts.

What does Elvenda do?

Elvenda is designed to seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce store. We’re from eCommerce backgrounds, so we’re working hard to make the experience as easy as possible for you to plug in with your existing processes and systems.

Our goal is to make dropshipping a reliable revenue stream for both suppliers and shippers in Australia – doing away with low quality products and low quality experiences from off-shore purchases (Ali-Baba, Oberlo, etc).

Selling products from Elvenda

If you choose to become a seller with Elvenda, you’ll sell products through your shopfront that another store will ship.

The first step is finding products you want to sell. We’ve got a supplier directory set up with all of the products our suppliers can drop ship. You click ‘Add product’, and ‘export to my store’ to load it up on your ecommerce store.

From there, you can sign in to your actual store admin panel (wooCommerce or Shopify) to can change any text, prices, images if required and publish the item on your store.

When an order comes in with an item or items for us to dropship, it’ll automatically export to our platform, ready for the supplier to prepare and ship it.

Once the supplier ships the order, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation and can mark the order as completed in your system. We’ll pay the supplier for the goods shortly after.

Dropshipping products (Supplying to Elvenda)

As a supplier, you’ll receive orders from us that you need to ship as quickly as possible. We’re trying to build an ecosystem of mutual trust, respect, and quality process to make sure customers return to keep buying.

The first step as a supplier is importing your product catalog from your eCommerce store to Elvenda. It’s a one-click process.

The second (and slowest) part of the process is setting your list price. How much can sellers purchase the item from you for?

If you sell a pair of shoes for $100.00 on your store, you should try to offer enough discount that a seller can also sell the shoes for $100.00 and still make a profit after costs (advertising, payment processors, CPC, retargeting, etc). In this case, your list price might be $80.00.

If an order comes through for these shoes, the seller will be charged $80.00 before the order is sent to you for processing. You’ll receive a notification email asking you to ship the order.

Once the order has been shipped and a consignment number entered, we’ll transfer your funds to you. The order is complete!

How to get started

It’s a simple and free process to try Elvenda. Our only fees are currently charged to the supplier, as a percentage of list price.

This means there’s no charge until someone has actually bought your goods from Elvenda.

There’s no plugins required or complex sign up process – it’s a 2 step sign up to create an account and connect your store, so give it a try! We’re making dropshipping in Australia an easy proposition.

If for any reason you don’t wish to connect your store API up to Elvenda you can provide us with a csv export of your products(ASk us if you need help with this). We will then upload your products to Elvenda for you, where you can manage your products without connection to your store. This method can also be employed if your store’s backend isn’t in our supported integrations.

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