Exporting your products for dropshipping (WooCommerce)


As eCommerce store owners ourselves, we’re pretty mindful about keeping our data secure and knowing who’s connected to our online store at any one time. You don’t need to give Elvenda API access to your store to sell products to dropshippers on Elvenda.

I should point out up-front – Elvenda is built with security in mind. Everything happens over https, your data is encrypted at rest, and even the developers don’t have direct access to your store.

The solution is to export your products to a CSV file first, and then upload the CSV file to Elvenda servers. We’ll process the file and prepare your products for dropshipping.

To get started as a supplier on Elvenda without allowing us API access to your store, create an account and add a store as you normally would. Before pressing ‘

How to be a dropship supplier on Elvenda without connecting your API

This will create your store without creating an API connection, and allow you to upload a CSV of products directly from your store. This gives you an easy opportunity to remove private products, change data, remove sensitive data, and just generally eyeball what you’re sending us first.

Exporting your product data to CSV from WooCommerce

Next, if you haven’t done so already, sign in to your WooCommerce store and export your product data. It’s laid out below if you need help!

Visit Products > All Products in your WooCommerce admin console.

Hit ‘Export’ in the top bar, next to ‘Products’ header.

Leave the default settings on the product export screen – we need all product info, and do not need your custom meta fields.

Hit ‘Generate CSV’ to create a CSV of all your products. Depending on the size of your product catalog, this could take a while!

Uploading to Elvenda

When it’s all finished, head back to the Elvenda Products page. We’re going to upload the CSV file to Elvenda now (so sellers can start finding your products for sale!)

On the right hand side of the ‘Products I ship’ box is a link to upload a CSV file. Click the link, and proceed to upload your CSV file. We’ll process the products over the next hour or two and send you a notification when it’s all ready!

Finding the CSV upload link
Uploading the CSV.

If you get stuck at any stage of the process, don’t forget we’re here to help! Just attach the CSV to an email and send over to [email protected] – we’ll sort out the file upload and keep you up-to-date.

Why connect using the API?

We want to make sure you can get up and running and sell your products on Elvenda without connecting your API first – we run eCommerce stores and we’re security conscious, so we know it’s a big ask to give Elvenda API access to your store. Lets get to know each other first.

Once you do connect the API, Elvenda can operate invisibly in the background. We’ll get notified in the background when your product stock count or price gets updated, and we’ll automatically update your product listing.

When we receive an order through Elvenda for your goods, we’ll create the order directly in your system so you can fulfil it just like any other you receive. It’s truly seamless.

Without an API connection, we’ll just send you emails to keep you updated on progress of orders and let you know when there’s something new for you to do.

Not dropshipping with Elvenda yet?

Get up and running quickly, easily, and for free! As you’ve just read, we don’t even need API access to your store. Create an account. You can email us anytime at [email protected] with any questions you might have too.

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