Controlling which stores can sell your products


Setting up your store to dropship on behalf of other sellers on Elvenda is a 5 minute process. Create an account, connect your store (or import via CSV) and set up your pricelists.

If you’d like to closely monitor who has access to your product library and who can sell your products, there’s a handy option to require sellers to seek approval.

Navigate to Store > Settings (top right). Check the box ‘require sellers to seek approval’ and save changes.

If your store requires approval, a seller will see ‘Apply to this seller’ before they can sync a product to their store.

A potential seller must apply to you before they are able to sell your products.

A potential seller will need to send you an application with some details about their store.

Once the potential seller has filled out the application, you’ll receive an email requesting access to your products. If you approve the seller, they’ll be able to add your products to their store straight away.

Control who you dropship for – approve each new seller.

We’ll send one final email to both the supplier (you) and the new shipper to confirm the new arrangement. They’ll be able to start listing and selling your products from here forward.

Confirmation email – this seller now has permission to sell your products. You’ll be expected to dropship the orders.

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