Becoming a dropshipper on Elvenda


We’ve designed Elvenda from the ground up to be an easy dropshipping platform for Australian ecommerce businesses.

Follow our simple tutorial below to get your store all set up, and ready to supply to other online stores.

First up, visit to create your account. Make a note of the email address and password you use.

Now that your account is created, we need to hook up your store.

There’s two types of store accounts with Elvenda, representing the two sides of dropshipping.
Do you want to sell products from Elvenda on your store (A seller)?
Or do you want Elvenda to list your products for other stores to sell (A supplier)?

Enter your store name, URL, store type and backend platform.

Enter your Store Name (as you’d like it to appear in emails and around the site) and your store URL.

If you’re listing your products for others to sell, choose ‘Supplier’.

Next, choose the type of account this will be (Supplier or seller). You can always change this later, and once you’re up and running we can configure your store to do both.

Lastly, choose your backend platform. We currently support dropshippers on WooCommerce and Shopify.

Click ‘Connect to Store’. In the background, we’ll connect to your store and sync it with the Elvenda backend (including getting your product catalog ready for sale, if you’re a supplier).

From this point forward, we’ll assume you’re setting up a supplier account – you will list products that others sell, and you fill the order. if you are setting up a seller account, visit [finish setting up a seller account].

We’ll automatically import your product catalog and have it ready on Elvenda for you to assign list prices and make products available for sale.

On the left side panel, choose Products to view the products we’ve imported.

At first, the products are listed as having a ‘validation error’.
Since the products have just been imported, we don’t have any information about listing prices yet.

The listing price should be like a ‘trade price’ – try to offer a reasonable discount to sellers so they can sell your product at a fair price, and make a reasonable profit. (See our article on [setting a list price])

Oh no, validation errors!

Click into the product to set a list price, and make it available for sale. You may also need to set a stock count, if we didn’t receive it from your backend system.

Try to set a fair list price that allows a seller to make money from a sale.

Once you save the product, and the validation errors are cleared, you can make the product available for sale. This will instantly make the product available in our supplier directory for any sellers to list on their store.

That’s it! You’re now ready to accept orders with Elvenda.

If you’re ready to create an account, head to

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