6 ways to improve your Instagram content


With active 500 million users on Instagram as of early 2019, it’s a rich audience to engage. The key to converting this highly engaged audience is with good quality content. Here are some tips to improving your isntagram feed.

Choose a unique consistent feed style

Setting a clear aesthetic of your feed can be key to catching a user’s eye. When every feed looks the same you need a way to make yours immediately identifiable. Some things to consider is set some brands guidelines and try to follow that. This could include picking a font that is your go to. A font that you use across your website and branding. Another is key colours, try to stick to the same 2 or 3 colours that you use in your general branding. Then finally, try to stick to the same image filter if filters are your thing, this just makes everything feel like it ‘goes’.

Look around and see what others are doing for some inspiration, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of idea borrowing. Below are some good examples of great feed designs.

Instagram Feed Idea
Instagram Feed Idea
Instagram Feed Idea
Instagram Feed Idea

Only use relevant hashtags to your content

Keeping your hashtags relevant means that the places you get featured are more likely to contain your target audience. Instagram is only going to show your content in a certain amount of places, making sure those places are effective is key. Adding popular hashtags that aren’t relevant to your brand is only resulting in your images getting the wrong eyes.

You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags in a single post and we recommend using all 30, but again only if they’re relevant. if you find yourself struggling to make it to 30 tags in a single post, remember that this is okay. 5 relevant hashtags are 100% more effective than 30 irrelevant tags.

Finding whats relevant may be difficult so I recommend trawling through posts by your competitors and popular pages of your industry. Make note of hashtags commonly used between them all, and tags on their most popular posts. Add these to a list for you to reference when making new posts. It’s important to mix your hashtags per post.

Also try to use hashtags that are used regularly, obscure, rarely used hashtags give your little exposure.

Tag your content

You can tag up to 20 people in your posts so where possible tag relevant accounts. It’s also shown that posts with tagged account drive more comments and when it comes to engagement, comments are gold. This also helps you build a relationship with the account you’ve tagged and can drive conversation in the comments of your posts.

Location tagging is also a great option you should try to always utilise. This can lead to your post being featured in location specific feeds, granting you more exposure.

Try adding videos into your feed

Videos are shown to receive much higher engagement from users than their picture counterparts. They also let you show more information to the viewer in their short attention to your post.

Make engaging stories

Stories are quickly becoming the preferred way for instagram users to engage, so it’s important to keep up with the users. But with it being common practice for users to fly through stories in quick fire succession without taking any of it in. It becomes important to use key tactics to catch their attention.

Ask questions in your stories, questions encourage users to stop and consider what you’re promoting them with. It also gives you a good opportunity to get feedback directly from your audience.

Add text to your stories to avoid people skipping. Text makes most users stop to read what you have to say. A blank image will just result in them skipping it without thought.

Tap for more is a good method to encourage users to continue in your story. Make your story a journey, with each key frame a step. Captioning ‘tap for more’ is a good way to let users know that more awaits them in your story.

Use stickers in your stories

Stickers are another way to catch users’ attention. Use the location and hashtag sticker in your stories to show up in other feeds. These work with the same methods as general hash tags. See our point regarding those above.

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